And the Winner is…

Jo Jo and Gran Gran holding handsI’m not one to go in for awards. So when Laura Henry phoned me to say she was nominating us for a “Reading for Pleasure” award from the Society of Authors award I was thrilled. And guess what? We won, what’s more, the only Early Years setting to have won! I’m made up, blown away, delighted, and just in a daze!

kids sitting on round table with teacherWhen Laura wrote her lovely children’s book about Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran we were lucky enough to be one of the first to share it with children with the author herself visiting our setting to read it to them. What a treat! Books are so important in our settings. You’ll find them everywhere inside and out. The books don’t have to link to the activities out, but more to give the children an opportunity to pick them up at any time and any where they go during the day. Stories have the obvious literacy learning outcomes, but it goes deeper than that. Factual books give knowledge. Children love books about dinosaurs or spiders. They can be fun, all those silly stories we love to read like “The Naughty Bus”. Laura’s books promotes lots of conversation (and actions when Jo-Jo and Gran-Gran go dancing!) as well as having a mathematical slant.

A teacher playing with kid in preschoolIn September for us they are great for settling children if you read to them in a cosy corner so they feel safe and sound.
We also like to send books home with children in our Home Play Bag kits to share the reading in the comfort of their home. A little crib sheet is enclosed for parents on the value of reading and how it helps children develop so many skills.
It’s great to be recognised for giving children so much pleasure reading and building the foundations for their future success in literacy. Love it!
Secretly feel like Sparkles has won the Oscars in the trade I love. Well done team!