Leaves and Learning

kid standing with leaves in both handsWhat a great time of year for learning is! Leaves falling of trees can provide many opportunities to expand our little ones minds. A child said the other day “ It’s raining leaves”, and it was! The wind was blowing the leaves off the tree and they were spirally down into the garden.
Here’s a few ideas that will help your child develop using beautiful Autumn leaves.

Physical Development
Kicking leaves is always such a thrill. You’re never to old to do this! Kicking Leaves is a great activity to get the heart beat a little faster. How many times can your child keep kicking leaves in a row, one kick after the other. Give a Ready Steady Go to start them off, and make sure there are plenty of leaves. You can also jump on the stamp on them etc.

Phonic development starts way before learning letter sounds. Sound discrimination is an important part of developing phonic knowledge. What noise do the leaves make when you and your child kick/run through/stamp on leaves. What noise do they make if you scrunch it in your hand. Which makes the loudest noise (a little science experiment there!)

Can you find a leaf bigger than your hand, smaller than your hand and about the same size. You can collect a bunch of leaves and line them up in order of size, or sort them into different colours. Look and describe the patterns you see on the leaves such as mottled, spotty to differentiate them. How many leaves have you got, get counting.

leaves falling off from treeBooks
There’s a fantastic book call “ Tap the magic Tree” which is one of my favourites. It takes you through the life cycle of a tree but gives you an instruction such as tapping the buds before you find out what happens on the next page. Children love it. It expands vocabulary and teaches them a little bit about life cycles. Heres the Amazon link https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tap-Magic-Tree-Christie-Matheson/dp/0062274457/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=tap+the+magic+tree&qid=1574208075&sr=8-2
Makes a great Christmas present!

What can you make with your leaves. How can you arrange them to make different patterns and shapes? Remember you don’t need paper and glue. This can be a very fluid activity inside or out. You could just arrange them in different ways on a table or tray. Add some sticks and you can give your creations a new dimension.

Who’d of thought this freely available offered som much learning. Remember to have fun with it! Learning should be enjoyable for children. These are some of my ideas but please let me know if you have any more! Enjoy!